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GUY ADAMS. 2017. The making of a Wiki-Lie: Chilling story of one twisted oddball and a handful of anonymous activists who appointed themselves as censors to promote their own warped agenda on a website that's a byword for inaccuracy. The Daily Mail Accessed 6th Mar 2017, from: < ... mote-warped-agenda.html>. Added by: sashi  v    Pop. 45.15%
SHARYL ATTKISSON. 17th Apr 2016. The Dark Side of Wikipedia. (Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson). Added by: flip  v    Pop. 55.69%
LIONEL BARBE, LOUISE MERZEAU & VALéRIE SCHAFER (Eds.)2015. Wikipedia: objet scientifique non identifié. (Nanterre: ). Presses universitaires de Paris Ouest 978-2-84016-205-6. Last edited by: sashi  v    Pop. 46.49%
LOYS BONOD. 2012. Comment j'ai pourri le web: Petite expérience amusante sur l'usage du numérique en lettres. Accessed 10th Jan 2017, from: <http://www.laviemoderne ... ment-j-ai-pourri-le-web>. Last edited by: flip  v    Pop. 61.04%
AMY CHOZICK. 27th Jun 2013. Jimmy Wales Is Not an Internet Billionaire. The New York Times. Last edited by: sashi  v    Pop. 45.99%
TOM CICOTTA. 9th May 2017. UC Berkeley Professor Banned From Wikipedia Over Anti-Trump Edit Project. Breitbart. Last edited by: sashi  v    Pop. 36.96%
MARK DEVLIN. 2014. Wikipedia's 13 Deadly Sins. Newslines blog Accessed 16th Feb 2017, from: < ... ipedias-13-deadly-sins/>. Last edited by: flip  v    Pop. 44.48%
-----. 2015. Google and Wikipedia: Best Friends Forever. Newslines blog Accessed 16th Feb 2017, from: < ... a-best-friends-forever/>. Added by: flip  v    Pop. 54.18%
DAVID E. DUNCAN. 28th Feb 2008. Web 2.0: Amateur Hour or Mass-ive Knowledge?  Jimmy Wales and Andrew Keen Debate. (Commonwealth Club of California). 1'00". Last edited by: sashi  v    Pop. 54.52%
IAN DUNCAN. 23rd Oct 2015. Judge dismisses Wikipedia lawsuit over NSA surveillance program. The Baltimore Sun. Last edited by: sashi  v    Pop. 52.01%
SAMIR ELSHARBATY. 2016. News on Wikipedia: Wikipedians track the Dakota Access Pipeline. Wikimedia Foundation blog Accessed 17th Feb 2017, from: <https://blog.wikimedia. ... dakota-access-pipeline/>. Added by: sashi  V    Pop. 65.05%
ROBERT FISK. 2007. Caught in the deadly web of the internet. The Independent Accessed 17th Feb 2017, from: < ... 07-04-21T00:00:10-00:00>. Added by: sashi  v    Pop. 47.99%
KATIE HAFNER. 19th Aug 2007. Seeing Corporate Fingerprints in Wikipedia Edits. The New York Times. Added by: sashi  V    Pop. 49.33%
AARON HALFAKER, R. STUART GEIGER, JONATHAN MORGAN & JOHN RIEDL. 2013. The Rise and Decline of an Open Collaboration System: How Wikipedia’s Reaction to Popularity Is Causing Its Decline. American Behavioral Scientist 57.5. Added by: sashi  v    Pop. 60.37%
DARIUSZ JEMIELNIAK. 2014. Common Knowledge: An Ethnography of Wikipedia. Stanford: Stanford University Press No. pages: xiii., 293. Added by: sashi  v    Pop. 53.34%
PIERRE-CARL LANGLAIS. 6th Apr 2013. La DCRI censure une page de Wikipédia : succès assuré. Rue 89. Added by: sashi  v    Pop. 55.85%
KALEV LEETARU. 10th Feb 2017. What Wikipedia's Daily Mail 'Ban' Tells Us About The Future Of Online Censorship. Forbes. Added by: flip  v    Pop. 52.17%
ALLEE MANNING & KAITLYN KELLY. 31st Jan 2017. Wikipedia Test Works: Gorsuch Is Supreme Court Nominee. vocativ. Added by: flip  v    Pop. 46.15%
ROBINSON MEYER & GRAHAM STARR. 22nd Jul 2016. Is Wikipedia Foreshadowing Clinton's Vice Presidential Pick? The Atlantic. Added by: sashi  v    Pop. 45.15%
JOE MULLEN. 25th Jan 2016. Wikipedia editors revolt, vote “no confidence” in newest board member. Ars Technica. Added by: sashi  v    Pop. 47.49%

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