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MARGARET MACMILLAN. Peacemakers: the Paris Peace Conference of 1919 and its attempts to end war. London: John Murray. Added by: sashi  v    Pop. 45.2%
EREZ MANELA. 2009. The Wilsonian Moment: Self-Determination and the International Origins of Anticolonial Nationalism. London: Oxford University Press. Added by: sashi  v    Pop. 52.4%
ALLEE MANNING & KAITLYN KELLY. 31st Jan 2017. Wikipedia Test Works: Gorsuch Is Supreme Court Nominee. vocativ. Added by: flip  v    Pop. 38.8%
ALEX MAY. 2001. €œEmpire Loyalists and ‘Commonwealth men’: the Round Table and the end of Empire. In British Culture and the End of Empire. (STUART WARD (series Ed.): Studies in Empire). Manchester: Manchester University Press 978-0-7190-6048-9. Added by: sashi  v    Pop. 52.8%
JAMES MAYALL. 1990. Nationalism and International Society. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 0-521-38961-5. Added by: sashi  v    Pop. 45.4%
MIKE MCINTIRE. 16th Oct 2016. Haiti and Africa Projects Shed Light on Clinton's Public-Private Web. The New York Times. Added by: sashi  v    Pop. 36.2%
JASON MERCHANT. 2001. The Syntax of Silence: Sluicing, Islands and the Theory of Ellipsis. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Added by: sashi  v    Pop. 46.4%
ROBINSON MEYER & GRAHAM STARR. 22nd Jul 2016. Is Wikipedia Foreshadowing Clinton's Vice Presidential Pick? The Atlantic. Added by: sashi  v    Pop. 39%
RORY MILLER (Ed.)2010. Britain, Palestine and Empire: the Mandate Years. (London: ). Ashgate. (original pub. No. pages: 212.). Last edited by: sashi  v    Pop. 45.8%
JAMES MILLETTE. 1997. Decolonization, Populist Movements and the Formation of New Nations, 1945-1970. In BRIDGET BRERETON (Ed.) The Caribbean in the Twentieth Century. London; Basingstoke: Unesco, Macmillan 0-333-72459-3. Added by: sashi  v    Pop. 45%
CLEVE MOLLER. The Origins of MATLAB. Cleve's Corner Accessed 10th Jun 2012, from: < ... clevescorner/dec04.html>. Added by: sashi  v    Pop. 52%
KENNETH MORGAN. 1999. Imperialists at bay: the British Labour Party and decolonization. Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History 27.2. Added by: sashi  v    Pop. 43.6%
MARK MOSK, BRIAN ROSS, BRIAN EPSTEIN & CHO PRAK. 11th Oct 2016. In Haiti, a Factory Where Big Money, State Department and the Clintons Meet. ABC News. Added by: sashi  v    Pop. 36.2%
JOE MULLEN. 25th Jan 2016. Wikipedia editors revolt, vote “no confidence” in newest board member. Ars Technica. Added by: sashi  v    Pop. 41.4%
PHILIP MURPHY. 1995. Party Politics and Decolonization: The Conservative Party and British Colonial Policy in Tropical Africa 1951-1964. (, Oxford Historical Monographs). Oxford: Clarendon Press No. pages: 272. 0-19-820505-8. Last edited by: sashi  v    Pop. 42.8%
-----. 2006. 'An intricate and distateful subject': British planning for the use of force against the European settlers of Central Africa, 1952-1965. English Historical Review 71.492. 746. Added by: sashi  v    Pop. 46.4%
NEO. 2013. Histoire des arts: des idées autour de la Statue de la Liberté. Neoprofs. Accessed 21st Dec 2013, from: < ... la-statue-de-la-liberte>. Added by: sashi  v    Pop. 45.4%
THIERRY NOISETTE. 2nd Jul 2016. « Pas besoin d’un doctorat pour contribuer à Wikipédia ! ». Rue 89. Added by: sashi  v    Pop. 38.6%
SUDO NYMS. 2017. EnWP: Act V -- Diving into the wreck. Creolist Weborg-y. Accessed 6th Feb 2017, from: < ... P:_Act_V_--_the_islands>. Last edited by: sashi  v    Pop. 47.4%
ROSALIND O'HANLON. 1988. Recovering the Subject: Subaltern Studies and histories of resistance in colonial South Asia. Modern Asian Studies 22.1. Added by: sashi  v    Pop. 46.6%

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